11 Whatsapp slang you have to learn about.

WhatsApp slang

With these golden words, It’s definitely time to bring change, the world has been introduced to many more changes. A few letters and abbreviations are casually sent via WhatsApp in a few clicks and have replaced beautiful words and poetic sentences sent to loved ones.

Keeping all suspicion to one side, the use of abbreviations and text slang makes it easier and simpler and a lot faster for you to have more convenient chatting with your family and friends via Whatsapp. It is advisable for you to have a tight hold on these slangs.

Here is our quick analysis of these commonly used abbreviations or WhatsApp slangs to avoid extra inconvenience for you so you can have a better understanding of them and bring them into daily use.

1. Ikr

You might be wondering what that is. Right.. So no worries

Ikr  stands for “I know, right?”

When you completely agree with the opinion of the person you are chatting with, this specific abbreviation can be used.


Francis: It’s very hot today, the sun is going crazy.

Joe: Ugh, ikr!

2. On my way!

Omw stands for “on my way”.

When you are rushing to a certain place or you are late from your destination or you are running to the bus stop, you can inform your text buddy by using this slang that you will reach your destination soon. Sending them OMW can save many seconds and avoid any accidents. If you text OMW to the person you are having a meeting with, you can assure him that you are on your way even if you are roaming in your bathrobe in your house which mostly happens.


Francis: Where are you? We are running late for the college reunion.

Joe: Omw!

Francis: you better not be getting ready now

Joe: ….ayee no way 

3. Tbh

Tbh stands for “To be honest”

This abbreviation is used when you want to confess something honestly while chatting with anyone or it can be simply used for expressing yourself on certain things and matters. it can be texted with some serious true statement to accompany them


Francis: Are you going to a concert this weekend?

Joe: I was planning to….tbh I want to watch avengers movies

4. Ofc

Ofc  stands for “of course”

This slang is used to show your approval of a particular opinion expressed by your texting partner. It is another time-saving abbreviation used to show that you and your chatting buddy are on the same page and you agree with his opinion.


Francis: Are you joining me in the upcoming project?

Joe: Ofc!

5. Caj

Caj stands for “casual”

This abbreviation is used amusingly and it activates disbelief, depending upon for whom it is used. Its correct spelling faced many more arguments, and disagreements, with the spelling “caʒ” which is a phonetic variant but to make it easier, it is written as “caj”. It can be used jokingly when something is completely opposite to casual in a sarcastic manner. 


Francis: Luara is going to California in first class

Joe: Oh sure, caj.

6. Obvs

Obvs stands for “obviously”

This is another abbreviation used as a testament to chatter’s fear of long words. Obviously also got short for “obvs”. It is used to assure your feeling about a particular matter discussed in chat. It will make your feelings and opinions known and obvious.


Francis: I am going to the internet cafe. Are you in?

Joe: Obvs

7. Idc

Idc stands for “I don’t care”

This slang is used to show your straightforwardness when the person you are texting with asks for anything that you very little care about. This shortening of phrases reduces your time and makes it easier to understand and write.


Francis: Will you mind if I use your laptop?

Joe: Idc.

8. V

V stands for “very”

When you want to show the intensity of any particular matter to the person you are texting with, you use this slang. You can use fewer “v”s to express the severity of any statement so why not use “vvvvv….” instead of stressing your point of view by typing a long series of “very, very, very….”


Francis: I am very excited to meet Taylor at the award show. Are you?

Joe: yeah I am vvvvv excited.

9. Atm

Atm stands for “at the moment” 

This slang is used in the middle of chatting to express the suddenness of any idea or opinion whereas these words stand for Automated Teller Machine(Atm) but if it is in the text, it is then “at the moment”.


Francis:  The tap is out of water and I am taking a bath. Help 

Joe: Watching a movie atm, will help you later.

10. Irl

Irl stands for “In real life”

You might hear about how things are somehow different “irl”  when social media doesn’t specifically agree with real life. It is good slang to know while you are negotiating with other people.


Francis:  I really like cats, I am literally obsessed with them

Joe: same here, I am sure they are more beautiful and cute irl                                                    

11. Tbf

Tbf stands for “to be fair”

It is used to present any specific opinion or introduce an account of a theory. It is mostly used in chat.


Francis: Did Jake just leave his shift two hours early?

Joe: Tbf, he had been working overnight for the past 15 days.

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