How to Hide Likes on Twitter(Step-by-Step Guide)?

How to Hide Likes on Twitter(Step-by-Step Guide)?

Lots of people use social media to interact with each other every day. Many people don’t want their account to be public, so only their followers can see their content on their timeline. This protects their social media activities from the rest of the world.

On Twitter, your likes can give people an idea of your preferences. The Twitter algorithm delivers similar content to you based on your Twitter likes and other account preferences. So, if you’re interested in hiding your likes on Twitter, check out our article on how to do just that.

Can You Hide Your Likes on Twitter?

There is no direct option to hide your likes on Twitter, but you can tweak your settings to make it so that others can’t see your likes. This article will show you how to hide your likes on Twitter.

How to Hide Likes on Twitter

You cannot hide your Twitter likes from your followers or others.

Did you ever seen a Twitter profile with a lock? What exactly does the lock on Twitter mean?

A lock icon appears on your Twitter profile after you make your account private.

You can customise your Twitter account to hide your tweets from everyone except your followers.

Do you want to learn how to hide your likes on Twitter? Continue reading our article.

Hide Twitter Likes by Making Your Account Private

Do you want more privacy for your liked tweets? You can hide your liked tweets from people who don’t follow you.

If you want to make sure that only your approved followers can see your tweets and activities on Twitter, you’ll need to change your privacy settings. By doing this, you can make sure that all your tweets are private, so only your followers can see them.

After putting restrictions on your account, you are less likely to interact with other like-minded people on the open networking platform.

Steps to make your Twitter account private

1.       Open the Twitter app on your phone.

2.       Tap the profile icon in the top left corner (or swipe the screen to the right).

3.       Then, tap the “Settings and privacy” menu.

4.       Go to “Privacy and safety” > “Audience and tagging.”

5.       Finally, turn on Protect your Tweets.

That’s how you can protect your tweets, liked tweets, and replies and make them only available to your followers.

What happens after making your Twitter account private?

To follow a private account, send a follow request for review. Once approved, you’ll be able to see their tweets and other activities.

Private Twitter profiles can only be seen by followers. They can like, quote, retweet, and comment on your tweets, but other followers won’t be able to see it.

Your followers can scroll through your profile page to see your tweets, replies, media, and likes.

You restrict your ability to grow your community when you protect your tweets. Balancing privacy with the opportunity to build your following is key.

When you protect your tweets, you’re hiding them from people and search engines. This means that your tweets and moments won’t be indexed or crawled by search engines, so nobody will be able to find them.

Delete Twitter Likes Manually

There are other ways to hide your Twitter likes, besides making your account private. You can delete your likes, so that others can’t see them.

1.       On your smartphone, launch the Twitter app.

2.       In the top left corner, tap the profile icon.

3.       Tap “Profile” to access your profile page.

4.       Next, navigate to the “Likes” section.

5.       Scroll down the page to see all of your Twitter likes.

6.       Finally, find and unlike any tweets you’ve ever made on Twitter.

You can manually unlike tweets that you want to hide from your followers and public.

If you delete all your Twitter likes, you may think you’re hiding them from everyone. But Twitter doesn’t actually remove each like notification from the owner’s notification tab.

How to Unlike Everything on Twitter?

To clear your liked tweets on Twitter, simply unlike all the tweets you have liked.

For those who like to receive thousands of likes and followers on Twitter, they may spend hours upon hours unlike everything on the social media platform.

Some different ways to unlike all Tweets.

Unlike All Tweets One By One

Most people delete their tweets one by one. So like them, you can unlike all tweets individually.

We’ve already discussed how to delete your Twitter likes. You can follow the steps on your Twitter app or web browser.

This method is time-consuming, but it helps you save some of your favorite tweets.

When you start deleting your Twitter likes manually, you won’t be able to access every tweet you’ve favorited earlier.

Twitter only shows the 800 most recent tweets in the “Tweets” tab, and 3200 most recent tweets and replies in the “Tweets & replies” tab. Therefore, not all tweets you have liked will be displayed.

Use the Google Chrome Console

Google Chrome’s inbuilt developer tools come with a console option that can be used to delete likes on Twitter.

But be careful before you unlike a tweet with this method, because you can’t keep the like on any tweet of your choice.

How to unlike tweets using Google Chrome Console:

1.       On your computer, launch the Google Chrome browser.

2.       Access your Twitter account.

3.       Navigate to your profile and select the “Likes” tab.

4.       Now, on a Mac, press the option+command+I key combination, or the F12 key on a Windows computer.

5.       Copy and paste the script below –

setInterval(() => {

for (const d of document.querySelectorAll(‘div[data-testid=”unlike”]’)) {


window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)

}, 5000) // change this value if script is running too fast

Script source:

6.       To run the script, press the Return key on a Mac or the Enter key on a Windows computer.

If the script fails, you can re-run it to unlike the remaining tweets.

Use Third-party Apps

Twitter doesn’t want to let you delete your likes for other reasons. Therefore, they didn’t roll out a native option to delete your likes on Twitter.

In this situation, you can look for trusted third-party tools to help you complete your task.

Because not all tools can be trusted, how can you hide your Twitter likes with one of them? With a doubt in your mind, how can you give someone access to your Twitter account?

When it comes to your Twitter account, it’s important to choose a trusted app to help protect your privacy and keep your account safe.

Some apps don’t work effectively and may not deliver what they promise. Always get clarification from the service provider before buying a plan.

Almost everyone wants to hide their likes on Twitter, but only trusted tools can help you.

Delete Your Twitter Account

When nothing works, consider deleting your Twitter account.

Are you in a situation where you need to delete Twitter likes for your own privacy and safety?

In this case, deleting your Twitter account may be your only option for saving yourself.

After you delete your account, you can permanently delete all of your Twitter activity, including tweets, retweets, replies, likes, and quotes.

How to Deactivate Your Twitter Account –

1.       Launch the Twitter app or the web version.

2.       Navigate to your Profile > (More >) Settings and privacy > Your account > Deactivate your account

3.       Finally, tap or click Deactivate.

Twitter will deactivate an account for 30 days before deleting it. This gives users a chance to recover a deleted Twitter account within 30 days. However, after these 30 days, Twitter will delete a deactivated account permanently, and it cannot be recovered.

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