TikTok Trend ‘How Did Dora died?” Explained

TikTok Trend How Dora The Explorer died Explained

Dora the Explorer is a famous Nickelodeon cartoon series that started in the year 2000 and came to an end after 8 seasons on August 19, 2019. This cartoon is part of everyone’s childhood so it is no surprise that people all around the globe are caught off guard by this TikTok trend 

What is the TikTok trend ‘How did Dora died’?

It is a TikTok trend where people are reacting to the answers of ‘How did Dora die?’ and some are commenting on the same question. 

This question has become a spotlight on Google and TikTok and a lot of reaction videos are popping up the TikTok.

In this trend, users show their reactions when Google answers the same question ‘How did Dora die?’. What is more fascinating is that every time Google answers the same question differently.

The most common answer is that Dora died after she drowned in the water. 

Sometimes it says that she was hit by a lightning bolt.

Is it true that Dora the Explorer died? 

Thankfully, the answer is NO. Dora the Explorer didn’t die at the end of the series. At last, she was able to find and reach the spot with the help of her backpack and boots.

The show had a happy ending as the two were singing their famous song “We did it” and thanking the viewers who have been watching the show however some websites had given a fake creepy ending to the show. 

All in all, Dora the Explorer has a happy ending when she accomplishes her mission.

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Is the show, Dora The Explorer still on the air?

No, the show ended with 8 seasons. It is no more airing on tv platforms still old episodes of this show are being aired on Nickelodeon Jr for those who wish to see 

Old episodes are also being released on Youtube but no more new episodes are released since it lasted in 2019. 

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